Improving flotation circuit performance with a large mechanical flotation cell

Toni Mattson

Outotec Pty Ltd

The first 500m3 mechanical flotation cell went into operation in a Copper circuit in Finish Lapland in 2014.  There are now more than 50 TankCells of 500m3 and above capacity operating in production conditions.

These large mechanical flotation cells are now well proven in large-scale flotation operations. They are designed for projects with large throughputs and provide savings in project capital and operational expenditure through reduced foot print, energy consumption, equipment installation and maintenance costs. In addition to savings in different project phases, these cells are demonstrating operational flexibility and improvements in flotation circuit control.

This paper discusses results from 500m3 and 630m3 TankCells, with case studies from Kevitsa and Buenavista Del Cobre.  The case studies will also compare the metallurgical performance before and after the installation of these large TankCells.

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