Speaker Spotlight: Peter Munro

8 July 2019

As we approach MetPlant 2019, we will be interviewing our keynote speakers about their upcoming presentations and some key issues in the minerals processing sector.

We recently interviewed Peter Munro FAusIMM, Principal Consultant of Mineralis on his upcoming presentation at MetPlant 2019 and his views on the industry. With 45 years’ experience in technical, commercial, operating, design and managerial roles, Peter, FAusIMM, has developed an unrivalled understanding of the minerals business.
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The premise of your Metplant keynote has been a work in progress over a number of years. What has sparked your interest in Intellectual Property in the minerals context?

The decline in public funding for mineral industry research and development (R & D) means the industry is more reliant on private initiatives. By emulating other industries such as electronics and medicine and pursuing an intellectual property (IP) approach to mineral industry R &D we ignore the historical lessons of innovation in our sector. Over the last two decades the IP-driven approach has not produced any benefits over the previous collaborative approach and free exchange of information. The additional bureaucracy imposed by the IP-driven approach has just made it even more difficult to do anything.

As a presenter and attendee at many international conferences how do you rate the AusIMM in terms of flagship technical conferences?

The AusIMM has the best focussed and organised technical conferences on “the circuit”. The AusIMM must continue to deliver premium offerings such as MetPlant and MillOps with a target of increasing the attendance and involvement of younger professionals.

What is it about MetPlant that appeals to you as a “must attend” conference?

MetPlant is a consistently good conference which, alternating with the MillOps series, provides the annual opportunity to keep abreast with latest technical developments.

What do you hope will be the main message delegates will take away from your keynote presentation?

For mineral industry R & D it’s a case of “back to the future”. We need to study the lessons learned through mineral industry innovation before slavishly following the practices of unrelated industrial sectors. As one of the other MetPlant keynote speakers Joe Pease says – we are not in Silicon Valley!


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